Introducing Karillon 2

Photography by M.Ginda

Welcome to the Karillon Website in 2024

The site is a collection of memories from this aging DJ, stretching from the mid sixties to the late 80's and beyond (old links should still work to and to return simply enter or in your browser

DIY section: There are some projects for those who like to try building things, both mechanical electrical and some good old woodworking to be found here. NOTE any electrical work should be carried out by a qualified person.

STUFF! is now a page that simply has pictures of reproduceable 6" effect wheels and all kinds of equipment, effects and related items (some have no info or comments). And of course some pretty Good Stuff !

Looking for Projection Effects? The bulk of what you want can be found under the 'Articles' tab. Much of the content on these pages can be viewed or downloaded but many images on the site have copyright so please use this for personal use only. If you want any additional information or permissions please use the contact page to get in touch.

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The Articles section deals with both sound and lighting under different pages and contains information and many manufacturer catalog images, these are your reference source. There are additional manuals / books etc to read.

Info for lighting from Pluto / Optikinetics / Meteor and others as well as projectors like Solar250 or Rank Aldis Tutor II is in 'Articles' Click here


Please feel free to browse the site and any suggestions to improve the content is always welcome. You can also email any content you wish to submit for inclusion.

If you have technical questions, please be as descriptive as posible. Use the contact page for email / postal / telephone details.



This is a non profit site and there are no items for sale. The site is a historical reference source consisting of content the author has aquired over many years from purchases deals and literary collections. If you seek parts I may be able to assist in locating such items only for you. No promises!

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