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Make your own effect wheels

This page deals with the creation of some further simple 6" effect wheels for projection.


You will need the following items:

1. Cut glass circles 5.75" (146mm) and 1mm thick, or similar heat resistant acrylic

2. Effect wheel centre boss (for standard 4mm shaft motors) or metal washer disc for use with opti style magnetic mount

3. Thin rubber edging strip

4. Rosco supergel lighting filter or similar in 3 colours, for this wheel we will use R10 Medium yellow, R346 Magenta, R65 Daylight Blue


A. Cut circles from the three gels using the glass as a template, or scribe with a compas then cut.

B. Cut all circles into two equal parts (half moon shape)

C. Lay the gels onto one of the glass discs in the following order: Yellow, Blue, Magenta, such that you form equal sized colour segments (by overlaying one colour with the next and so on.

D. Now carefully place the other glass ontop to 'trap' the gels between the glass discs.

E. Carefully apply the edging strip and glue the ends of the strip to form a rubber edge seal.

F. Locate the exact centre of the wheel and glue and mount the boss or washer fixing.


Cut Glass Circles
Filter Circles
Cut Filters
Assembled filters

1. Cut Glass Circles

A. Cut Filter Circles B. Cut Filters C. Filters Placed
D & E. Top Glass + Edging Final Effect requires Boss  
FADER WHEEL - make your own
Fader Wheel 6in Fader Wheel Click this link to download the document.

To the left find a downloadable word document with a printable image.

Print onto acetate etc. The quality is low as this is just for experimental use. you could reproduce this image in Photoshop or similar and in high resolution such that a commercial print on 2 or 3mm perspex can be commissioned. if using for multi projectors a suggested size of 450 or 500mm will do 2 projectors (tutor/solar or kodak etc) and is for use infront of the projector. A speed controlled motor would be best to experiment with.

6" WHEEL SAFE - make your own or repair a damaged unit

Full dimentioned construction details. Click the image to open as a pdf in your browser (pdf reader required) or right click to download and save the file to a drive of your choice.

***Leftmost is the Cassette safe, ***rightmost is the 6" wheelsafe.



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