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DJ Electronics manufactured sound equipment for the Disco and club sector for a number of years. The first mixers and lighting controllers had a paint finish (black). Later they used a durable silver finish alloy plate, returning to black again later with an anodised finish. The electronics design was well thought out and very reliable and robust. By the mid 70's they still had basic electronic control for lighting unlike others such as Pulsar. The light intensity varied with music volume, something not seen today as modern controllers pulse the lights to the beat with a full-on or full-off approach. Today this has mostly gone now as the controller sequences the lights. These are operational visually significant changes.

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More famous for audio, DJ did supply lighting. Projection was from other sources, bought in. The Strobe and sound to light however were thier own designs. Below: an early s-light controller.To its left is an internal view. (the old carpets gone now! - laminate rules)  
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Notice how much the Starlight resembles the Pluto 500? Because it is one.

Disklite MKII is with silver or black anodised front panel. The R4000 is one of the last controllers from DJ.

Disclite mkII      
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