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Some links here to interesting sites or pages on the web. I think all these deserve checking out if you want to expand your knowledge. My favourite??? Pooters and Funky Parrot. All links open in a new window.

Micks Favourite Links
Site Name
Chaos Illumination
Intersting Pics on projected Lighting done for Bands, like Hawkwind
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Briliant site, this link goes to projectors hall of fame. You must check the rest of the site out. Sooo much cool stuff here
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Joshua White interview YouTube vid. Cool stuff on Josh White showing how those lightshows from the 60's. came about
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Joshua Lightshow clip Josh White vid clip, excelent. Check out the other links on YouTube
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OPTI Optikinetics projection lighting effects. Still the best effects.
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Strand Lighting Definitive lighting control from 1914 to today. Strands Chronology
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Funky Parrot Historical content on lighting in the 70's. Some good pics of gear
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Orion Lighting Top info site by Larry Wooden originator of Orion - Sadly closed down
How to make a liquid lightshow Simple Tutorial
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ALTAMAR Sound & Light Disco and Equipment supplies Now cloded down
Peter Wynn-Wilson Think Pink Floyd,lighting invention and patents. Check Meteor Lights
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The NightLab German automation of the oil in a dish projector. Now removed


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