Rank Aldis . the "TUTOR II" Projector unit

Though Rank did not produce any effects projectors or effects lighting, The Tutor range of projectors were widely used to project lighting effects. The Tutor II and Tutor IIe were the favourite models used for this purpose, due to the ease of modification, the quality and brightness of light output from the 250w QI lamp. It is still a favourite among many users today. Before the Tutor II, other Tutor range projectors were utilised. These had similar features and high power (at the time) lamps, though the lamps were 240v and of course not QI! 300watt and 500watt were common, one model had a 1000watt lamp. All these models were firm favourites with education authorities, maybe thats why so many survived. Rank Aldis came about in 1951 from a company called Aldis Brothers, formed in 1937 run by a Mr Aldis and Mr Smith. Rank called the new company Rank Aldis, probably to retain some of the original Aldis customers and retail connections. The Tutor II finished it's days in a modified form, manufactured by Gnome who bought out the aldis production.It was due to Rank refusing to modify aspects of the projector that Optikinetics and Pluto, as well as others designed and manufactured their own projectors, leaving Rank behind.

With attachment for opti motors, the attachment was called a DDU or double drive unit.
Tutor with adaptor for Pluto motors, the atachment was known as the 'Intachange' adaptor (shown below)

This tutor sports a dual (Pluto) motor drive for projecting polarising effects. The front wheel is a polaroid filter wheel.

Click for a Bigger Pic .The Tutor from Meteor Lighting
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Above, Tutor with effects attachment. Note method of fixing the gate to the lens block. What you got when you purchased a new Tutor II mk2 Click buttons above to view some tutors with various attachments
The Tutor II Gnome version
The Tutor 2E with attachments & Effects
Attachments Intro Card
Meteor Lighing using Tutor II   The DDU allows two opti drives to be used.
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